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The difference between Indian Marble and Italian Marble

Marble is the epitome of beauty and exquisiteness. Almost nothing can be compared to its beauty and elegance. Its unique and natural made colors, textures, designs and high luster stands it apart from any other sources of material while creating a good home interior or exterior. Other than the beauty of marble, it is also preferred by homeowners because of its ability to make a room more spacious and comfortable, durability, lower maintenance effort, resistance to damage from moisture or fire and many more to add to the list.

Both, the Indian and the Italian Marbles are extremely beautiful marbles and gorgeous ones and turn any home uniquely beautiful. But, there are several features in both the natural stones that make them different from each other. So today we have come up with a guideline that helps you distinguish between the two and let you choose the one that's best for your home:


  • Indian Marbles are mostly of medium lustre while Italian marbles have a sheer crystal effect over them and are highly lustrous.
  • Either of the marbles has wide variations in terms of colors and designs and natural grain or vein patterns.
  • Italian Marbles look luminescent and pearly when compared to Indian Marble.

Quality and Strength

  • Both the Indian as well as Italian Marbled are known for their quality and strength. Indian marbles have a thickness of up to 30mm while the common thickness of the latter is 18- 20mm.
  • The Italian marbles are softer than the Indian marble and need extra reinforcement with the help of nylon sheets.
  • Italian marbles need to be strengthened with epoxy resins.


  • Since Italian Marble is quarried from Italy and thus is imported from there, they are naturally more expensive than Indian marble.
  • The cost of Italian Marble starts at Rupees 350-400/ square foot whereas the cost of Indian marble starts just from Rupees 80-100 / square foot.

Thus, we can conclude that although both the materials look so similar but have several distinctions. But, now that you know them we hope you'll make a wise decision for your home when it's time and choose the best option for you and your home. Jai Hanuman Granite & Marble is a leading Indian Marble Suppliers in Delhi and Italian Marble Suppliers in Delhi.